Safe Space?
Brave Space?


Emergent Prevention Spaces

Emergent Space provides a framework for building and holding community to allow for challenging conversations about community and society level risk factors as well as vulnerable conversations about individual and relationship level risk factors.

Emergent Survivor Spaces

Emergent Space provides a framework for intentionally planning, implementing, and evaluating groups and communities for supporting ALL survivors in their healing, including those with marginalized identities.

Emergent Organizations

Emergent Spaces, paired with trauma-informed workplace practices, provides a framework for rethinking workplace team-building and supervision practices that allow employees to bring their full selves and greatest brilliance into the workplace.

Finding an alternative…

Why Emergent Space?

The intentions behind both “safe space” and “brave space” are to reduce harm, encourage conversation, and ultimately leave folks feeling heard, safe, and supported. And yet, both “safe spaces” and “brave spaces” struggle in their efforts to provide a space that is conducive for growth, learning, and the sharing of marginalized experiences. What we propose is a new framework inspired by adrienne maree brown’s Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds.

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